Co-Liv '22


May 2nd, 2022
Hybrid Edition

Live-streamed from Bansko, Bulgaria.

Event Overview

The global community of coliving professionals gathers to exchange, learn and connect at the Co-Liv Summit.

The ‘22 Summit will tackle best practices in operations (Rise), where the coliving industry is at (Radar), and how to overcome major roadblocks through innovation (Resistance).

Join this virtual industry event to understand the depth of the coliving industry, exchange with its leading actors and stay up to date with the leading innovations.

🙌   850+ Coliving actors attended last year's Summit: expect more this year!

🌎   40+ Countries expected to attend

🎤   Learn from 30+ experts

🤝   Virtual Speed-Networking Sessions

🚫   No boring panels, only high-quality expert talks and live workshops

🌞   10 hours of talks, networking and fun

Coliving Awards Ceremony

Topics & Schedule

For this 4th edition of the Co-Liv Summit, we are bringing you onto a journey of understanding past innovation, meeting today’s actors in person and catalyzing your future coliving (ad)venture.

All times are in CET (Central European Time).


09.00 Official Opening

09.10 5 Years in Review | Co-Liv Team

09.20 Tenant Roundtable

09.30 Portugal Market | Williams Johnson Mota

09.40 India Market | Mayank Pokharna

09.50 Swiss Market | Walter Zueck & Alex Morelli


10.00 $HCK: How we created the first blockchain for coliving spaces | Stephane Bounmy

10.10 How to improve tenant dynamics and NPS through scientific matching | Filip Klementsson & Linnéa Brenden

10.20 Outstanding Coliving Design: Global Inspirations from a Nomadic Architect | Adi Cohen

10.30 Revenue Management Reinvented | Peter Fabor

10.40 Harness the Power of Impact and Sustainability for Your Shared Living Business | Penny Clark

10.50 The PolyRoom Story: Insights into using modular construction for coliving | Kelsea Crawford


11.00 Government Cooperation to Attract Remote Workers: The Digital Nomad Madeira story | Goncalo Hall & Micaela Vieira

11.20 Pixie Dust: The secret to designing magical spaces | Neha Arora N

11.30 The Pop-Up Coliving Model: What I wish I knew before opening my first coliving | Marc Forster Algas

11.40 Branding your coliving: connecting strategy and creativity | Gaetan de Dietrich

11.50 Key learnings on community managing the largest coliving in the UK | Claudie Bell


12.00 One-hour long Virtual Speed-Networking


13.00 Coliving at Sea: Learnings from communal living in dense environments | Luca Tausel

13.10 Coliving – From a real estate developer’s perspective | Louay Sarrage

13.20 Inside Startup Embassy: key learnings from running a coliving space for 7 years | Carlos de la Lama

13.30 The Serendipia Story: From coliving to global platform empowered on the blockchain | Jean-Loïck Michaux

13.40 Mindfulness Session


14.00 The Future of Home according to Gen Z | Sarah Canning

14.10 United States Market | Connor Moore

14.20 Coliving Regulation: the solution to urban housing problems in modern cities | Eduardo Gorozpe Fernández

14.30 Spain Market | Virginia Perez Nieto

14.40 Mexico Market | Roberto Perez Chapa


15.00 Coliving for Corporates | Virginia Scapinelli

15.10 Community: the Double-Edged Sword | Marta Rocamora Gonzalez

15.20 Designing Coliving For Mental & Physical Wellbeing | Tom Manwell

15.30 Sharing Cities: A 10-minute trip around the world | Harmen van Sprang

15.40 The Art of Communication: How to solve conflicts in community and navigate through times of crisis | Gui Perdrix


16.00 One-hour long Virtual Speed-Networking


17.00 Human-Centered Design: How to create products that residents love | Sandra Abrouk

17.10 Coliving Security and Beyond: Optimizing hardware technology for operational excellence | Ari Dinar

17.20 A Template for Creating an Ideal Coliving Community | Mark Stein

17.30 The 5 Ultimate Steps to Start Your Small-Scale Coliving Business | Matt Baker

17.40 Creating the right ecosystem to grow your coliving | Seyi Barber


18.00 Official closing ceremony


in co-created initiatives such as industry surveys and the long awaited Coliving Awards ceremony.


09.10 5 Years in Review | Co-Liv Team

09.20 Tenant Roundtable

09.30 Portugal Market | Williams Johnson Mota

09.40 Spain Market | Virginia Perez Nieto

09.50 Swiss Market | Walter Zueck & Alex Morelli


40+ speakers, actors and thought leaders are awaiting you. Have a sneak peak into who you will learn from and exchange with:


Don't be scared to miss out! The entire event will be recorded and available for the attendees to watch or rewatch it.

Ticket Types

This edition of Co-Liv Summit will be live-streamed from Bansko, Bulgaria. You can join virtually or physically.

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Then come and also attend the CUBB 2022 (Coliving Unconference Bankso Bulgaria), a 3-day unconference for industry professionals, happening just before the Summit on April 29th - May 1st! Grab your combo ticket "Summit + CUBB" for 90€ only!

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Join the Summit for 49€.

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